Dog Treats from Dog Lovers

Stone’s Organics is a team of dog lovers and owners that give their furry friends  good healthy foods and treats. Going on the same routes as others to find CBD products to help our dogs was overwhelming at times with so much out there with conflicting information. Because of this, the Stone’s team thought, why not make our own quality organic treats and help others too! Stone is an actual pup and yes he is ours. We have all had that dog that’s rowdy and rambunctious and also had that dog in need of medication for the many ailments they come across like being sore or just plain old aging pains. 

About Us Eric and Desiree on the Lake

For these reasons, we tried to find alternatives to medicine that are provided by our vets. As a result, we turned to CBD. CBD Dog Treats have been known to aid in many health issues we see in dogs while still being all natural. We also found the CBD dog treats out there now are not containing enough CBD per treat that is effective on our pups so acquired the best ingredients and highest CBD and passing it on to you. We don’t just want to sell you a product, we want to help you.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical that comes from Hemp Plants that has been know to have healing properties. You may be asking, “will this get my dog high”? The answer to that is no. CBD will not get your furry friend “high” or have any of the psychoactive chemicals found in hemp plants.  This Product Contains NO THC!