Apoquel for Dogs

Apoquel is a medicine for dogs that contains a drug called as oclacitinib. Apoquel is very useful for allergies in dogs. These allergies can come from our food or the environment around us. It mostly comes into your dogs from the background.

If you think that you can keep your dog clean for more than 24hours, than you are wrong. Dogs tend to play around in the dirt a lot, and this can result in dirty skin and fur, which can cause allergies very easily.

Continue reading this article for a better understanding as to what Apoquel is and how it is useful for your dogs health benefits.


Dogs are man-friendly and kids-friendly. That is the reason behind the loving attachment towards them. They are loyal to their owners, which makes us more convinced to keep them. Having a pet dog comes with a huge responsibility, and every dog owner knows that. We have to keep them clean, play with them, and keep monitoring them, especially when they are sick.

Allergy Symptoms:

One of the most common medicines that doctors prescribe to any dog is apoquel. You should give apoquel only if your dog contains these symptom mentioned as following;

  • See if your dog is scratching himself more than regular.
  • Analyze if your dog is itchy.
  • Observe if your dog is gnawing at any carpet or rough surface aggressively.


Only if these above symptoms are confirmed in your dog than it means that he has an allergy. If the dog gives the signs of allergies then it is mandatory to administer the dog Apoquel. It is the most recommendable drug for dogs that suffer from allergy once the allergic symptoms are confirmed

Side Effects after using Apoquel:

Every medicine has its after-effects, so does apoquel, which means precautions must be taken. This can cause an adverse reaction. Below are the side effects that can affect your dog after using apoquel;

  • He can get infections such as ear, nose, and skin infection.
  • It can upset his stomach, and he might face diarrhea or vomiting.
  • It can reduce white blood cells from his body.
  • A drastic decrease in protein might take place.


However, we can see that apoquel can cause such severe side effects on your dog. Hence, you have to be proactive if you notice any of the above effects occurring and reach out to a doctor immediately.


To be prudent is somehow mandatory. Since you cannot randomly prescribe or feed apoquel to any dog by yourself. You have to confirm an allergy is present first. It is highly essential to be sure that your dog is not breeding, pregnant, or lactating.


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