Can Pain Meds for Dogs Treat Cancer or Arthritis?

There has been quite a popular use in pain meds for dogs, especially for dogs who experience pain through arthritis and cancer. It’s not easy seeing your dog going through so much pain, and especially when they are suffering from a particular disease. For this reason, many pet parents tend to switch towards pain medication for their dogs. However, it is not a wise thing to give any type of medication to your dog without consulting a vet.

To a certain level, pain meds do seem to work on dogs, especially if they have cancer or arthritis. Many veterinarians prescribe pain medication to treat chronic pain; it is more effective compared to other types of treatments that help to relieve pain in dogs, such as CBD oil and cold and hot therapy.

Types of Pain Meds that are Effective on Dogs

Pain meds have always proved to reduce pain in both animals and humans; however, you will always experience some side effect whenever you take a pain med. Sometimes, these side effects can prove to be life-threatening. If you don’t want to put your canine friend’s life in danger, you should always consult your vet before giving any medication to your dog.

A few pain meds that are very effective in dogs are NSAID’S such as Previcox, Metacam, Rimadyl, and Deramaxx. These medications are very effective when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body. However, it may not help in relieving pain caused by cancer or arthritis. NSAIDs’ are most likely to affect the kidney and liver; therefore, veterinarians prefer taking blood tests before and after prescribing NSAID’S to your dog.

Another type of pain med that is very effective for dogs is Tramadol. This is a narcotic, and it is said to treat mild to moderate pain. You can give a high dosage of Tramadol if the pain is severe; however, increase the dosage only after consulting your doctor. Tramadol is more effective on dogs who suffer from cancer; it not only helps to relieve pain, but it also acts as an anti-depressant. Just like any other medication, Tramadol also has side effects, such as drowsiness and sedation. However, this only occurs when you give your dog a high dosage.

How effective are Pain Meds?

As mentioned above, pain meds for your best friend are very effective; however, their effectiveness varies from the type of disease or the intensity of pain they suffer from. Any drug you give your dog, whether it is NSAID’S, narcotics, or medical CBD oil, there is always going to be a few side effects that your dog will experience. Sometimes, these side effects turn out to be helpful when it comes to treating anxiety and depression in dogs. However, the number one way to relieve pain in dogs is using pain meds.

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Final Words

Taking care of dogs is a huge deal, and you should not take it lightly whenever they fall sick. However, it is better not to depend only on pain meds. As a serious reminder, it is always good to check with your vet before giving any kind of medication to your dog.

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