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Introduction: Cats and CBD

The endogenous cannabinoid system consists of endocannabinoids and receptors. This system is present in the body of mammals and helps in regulating the nervous and immune system. Anxiety has a relation with the receptors of endocannabinoids. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) discusses the anti-anxiety properties of CDA.

When talking about cats, you need to understand how your cat reacts while having anxiety. You can say that the relation between Cats and CBD is the same as the relation between humans and CBD. Interestingly, all the mammals contain Endogenous Cannabinoids just as humans do.

Since CBD can help humans with anxiety because of the presence of the endocannabinoid system, it can also help cats with the same. But before you choose CBD to treat your cat’s anxiety, here are the main symptoms to know that your cat has it:

  • Your cat may be over or under eating
  • Showing aggression
  • Scratching the furniture or pacing
  • Urinating or spraying
  • Change in energy suddenly
  • Grooming a lot, leaving bald spaces.

Cats and CBD

1.      Travel

Cats hate to travel. They may experience trauma when going on long trips. They will create panic and meow a lot. In this condition, you may give them CDB before you go on a long journey with your cat.  

2.      Shifting

Cats don’t do well when you relocate to a new house. They are more comfortable living in a specific environment. When in new surroundings, they can act weirdly, which can lead to depression. Using CDB to calm your cat can help your furry pet adjust to the new house. After spending some time in a new home, they will feel comfortable again.

3.      Vet Anxiety

Pets hate going to a vet. You must have seen your cat lash out on the vet or squirm out of anxiety and fear. If you want to let your vet work and calm your cat, you can use a dose of CBD oil. Using CBD while going to the vet will make your cat peaceful before and during the checkup. 

4.      Stranger Danger 

Your cat may hide or panic when people visit your home because cats don’t like strangers in their territory. If the visitors include kids, then it can be a problem. Kids do not understand anxiety in a cat, and they may try to go near the cat. This can cause your cat to attack them. CBD will keep your cat normal whenever a new person visits your home.

5.      Separation Anxiety 

Cats seem to be a lonely and independent creature. Mostly, cats from shelters may feel anxiety as they have been left alone for a long time. These creatures have the same anxiety levels as dogs. If you’ve been noticing scratches on your furniture, you should give your cat a few drops of CBD to keep it calm until you are back home.

Conclusion: Cats and CBD

Cats have a special way of telling that they are having some problem. You have to understand them from their signals. At the same time, you should look for a solution to help your cat with anxiety. That’s where your knowledge of cats and CBD can help you.

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