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Cat’s Misbehavior And How CBD Can Help

Cats are sensitive, and they respond to the physical and emotional factors. Cat’s misbehavior occurs due to many reasons. They have particular needs, which are your responsibility to fulfill. But if you fail to do so, they start to become aggressive, which can be hard for you to handle.

Managing Cat’s Misbehavior: How To Discipline Your Misbehaving Cat?

Your cat can exhibit bad behavior at home or a friend’s place in many ways, such as urinating outside the litter box, chewing on wires, and scratching household items. The good news is you can use effective techniques to express your displeasure towards their action.

But, it’s important to visit the vet to ensure whether your cat is having any health issue, as it can be the reason behind your cat’s misbehavior.

The best way to discipline them for any bad behavior is to reinforce good habits. If that not works, use a spray bottle and squirt your misbehaving feline with water. This will keep them from doing any nasty action. You can also use the following tricks to prevent their misbehavior.

Provide Scratching Surface

To prevent your feline from scratching furniture or other surfaces, provide them desirable scratching posts. You can find various scratching posts in the market with different prices and styles. If you need a cheap method, you can put a cardboard model in your home.

Manage Cat’s Claws

Your cat often scratches your hands or faces while playing with you. In this case, you can trim their sharp claws whenever it starts to grow. This will save you from their claws during playtime and prevent your household items from their destructive scratching.

Moreover, you can use plastic nail caps that you can easily put on your feline’s caws. It doesn’t interfere with the normal structure of the cat’s nails.

Avoid Fighting While Playing

Play fighting with your cats may seem fun, but it can make them habitual of hitting. Kittens can learn to scratch and bite from their mother and mates. If they do these actions, they will get a hiss or growl and an equally rough bite or swat in return.

Note hissing and growling indicate the cat is angry, frightened, or annoyed. To avoid this behavior, you can wear gloves while playing or walk away if your feline continues to misbehave. You can also use toys instead of hands to prevent their biting and scratching.

Prevent Attention Seeking Disobedience

It’s easy to avoid little misbehaviors of your cat by giving them more attention. You need to play with your feline every day. You can stop bad behavior by giving them extra quality time. Disobedient felines are also the ones with boring day schedules.

You can use their energy and cure their boredom with stimulation and exercise. Make sure to praise your feline after every good behavior. In this case, pat them gently, use kind words, and give them treats to reinforce good behavior.

How Can CBD Help You Control Cat’s Misbehavior?

CBD can reduce the symptoms of inflammation in your cat and help with many other health problems. Moreover, CBD has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which support various organs in the cat’s body. This makes the cats stronger than before and eliminates all types of diseases; thus, cats will indirectly stop unwanted reactions.

CBD can also treat aggression, anxiety, and poor diet, which is also the reason for the cat’s misbehavior. If your cat is disobedient and is also losing appetite, CBD will fulfill the essential needs of its body and reduce problems that are causing your feline to misbehave.

Bottom Line: CBD for Reducing Cat’s Misbehavior

The ways mentioned above to reduce your cat’s misbehavior will help you to control your aggressive feline. CBD is an excellent option if you want to treat your cat’s health problems, appetite, and mood.

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