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    Just like humans, dogs tend to have sweet cravings and temptations. Peanut butter acts as a motivator and encourages dogs to listen. It is completely safe to give your dog peanut butter; however, there are different types of peanut butter, and not all are safe enough to give your dogs.
  • Benadryl for dogs has been quite a trend, especially after the use of different types of medications for dogs. Benadryl is a type of drug that helps to relieve many symptoms that dogs experience and has also known to help dogs with anxiety. This drug is still not FDA approved
  • Barnaby
    We have been seeing a lot of posts related to using Pure CBD or adding Full spectrum CDB with THC. This is a widely discussed issue as I hear from certain people that yes, you should have a little CBD & THC to help the brain receptors help CBD move
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    Ok boys, girls and the like, here is the CBD Dog Blog Part 3! So to continue, we started onto the google machines to search for CBD and how we can give it to our pup. We have probably all been on the same websites wondering what the hell all
  • Black Lab
    This is a big topic when discussing CBD for Dogs with Arthritis. Every Pup family comes to that point where your dog gets a little older and see some signs of arthritis. This may be the same symptoms you see in people, slow to get up, walking differently than normal
  • We have gotten a lot of questions and concerns with owners asking us about alternatives to opiods and pain relief medication for their pets. Is Tramadol or CBD for pain better for my pet? I want to preface this post first by saying, that I am NOT a veterinarian and
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    Welcome to the The CBD Dog Blog – Part 2! OK where we left off now, trying to figure out what this CBD crap is. What does it mean and how does it help out Stone. Don’t get me wrong, Stone is awesome and cute, but don’t let all that
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    Hello all! My name is Eric and welcome to our CBD Dog Blog. I wanted to start an informational blog about Pets/Dogs and CBD. This is a relatively new conception as we investigate and research into “what the hell does CBD ACTUALLY do?”.I am on the same journey and I