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CBD for Pets, Not Just Dogs and Cats

CBD for Pets

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis family. There are around 113 cannabinoids found in this plant. Scientists are investigating most of them for their potential benefits on both humans and pets. Unlike other cannabis compounds, the stigma around CBD is fading. It is entirely safe for use on pets, and CBD products are also non-toxic. CBD for pets is common, as it won’t get your little fellow high.

Moreover, CBD used in cannabis pet supplements comes from industrial hemp. It is a variety of cannabis that contains a low composition of the THC (the cannabinoid that stimulates the high sensation).

How CBD Interacts With the Pet’s Body?

CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system, also called ECS. This is a biological system that is present in all mammals, including your pets. It manages different biological systems in the body, including sleep, memory, immune response, and more.

ECS contains two types of cannabinoid receptors, which are CB1 and CB2. These receptors’ job is to interact with the naturally produced endocannabinoids. Moreover, they can also interact with plant-based cannabinoids such as CBD, which helps the body respond in a variety of ways. It activates the receptors, helping to gain the health benefits associated with the compound.

When it comes to CBD, most of these responses are good for health. The endocannabinoid system helps the cannabinoids to work in the body.

Nonetheless, the impact of CBD is similar in humans, cats, dogs, and other pets. This is because, just like humans, all the animals contain an endocannabinoid system that functions the same way as human ECS. This is why manufacturers are making CBD for pets to solve the problems of animals.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

CBD is an excellent supplement for dogs, cats, and any other animals. This compound has the ability to prevent inflammation, cancer, stress, convulsions, and many other conditions. Humans can also feel most of these effects. The most potential benefit of the CBD on pets is that it helps them to relax.

These compounds aid them in enduring the stressful periods that could have a negative effect on their health if not treated. For instance, fireworks on New Year’s Eve or thunderstorms can cause the pets to suffer from abnormal heart rate and breathing, weak immunity, and more. CBD, in such cases, can help calm your furry fellow.

Pet owners are commonly using them to prevent health diseases and disorders in their furry friends because of the beneficial effects of CBD on animals. You can use CBD to boost their appetite, relieve pain, comfort them in epilepsy or seizures, reduce stress, etc.

Bottom Line

Using CBD for pets is entirely safe for your little friends if they don’t have any underlying health problems. So, it’s better to consult a doctor before giving it to your pet.

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