We have been seeing a lot of posts related to using Pure CBD or adding Full spectrum CDB with THC. This is a widely discussed issue as I hear from certain people that yes, you should have a little CBD & THC to help the brain receptors help CBD move into the body or other similar statements. Lets take a step back now and talk nerdy. (Sort Of)

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol

THC, for those who are wondering what all these 3 letter acronyms are is called tetrahydrocannabinol. This component in Hemp plants is the part that will get you “high”. This is the first component that people sought out for due to its affects of course. Later, after scientists started investigating more into the plant, they noticed there are much more components inside that are helpful and not the parts that remind you of the 70’s and 80’s and maybe make you say “dude” a bit more than is needed.


CBD now is the short version for Cannabidiol . In addition, this is one of the many other components in the plant that was tested and found to help with things like Anxiety, Pain, Epilepsy and Inflammation. This one is the one we should be focusing on along with some other good parts like CBN and CBG.

Now for some nerdy junk… ( I will be brief and not too scientific to keep you engaged). Everyone, including dogs, have a system called Endocannabinoid System. This, in general is the system that receives these components to process into the body. They do this by the CB1 & 2 receptors. These give you the benefits we are all familiar of and help humans as well as pets.

Do we need the THC with the CBD?

Do you need THC with the CBD to be effective? I honestly have researched this because I know it’s definitely a talking point when narrowing down how CBD works, helps and is effective. I have not found anything conclusive that says you need THC to have CBD be effective. This document from the US national library of medicine, it doesn’t clearly state the THC is needed to be able to transport the CBD or other components into the system. These medical article simply state that they focus on the same CB1 & 2 receptors in the system but not definitively that THC is the “carrier”.

I am not a scientist

Furthermore, with that said, I am not a doctor nor scientist but I do not take these conversations as truth without research. I then decide my own solution. Clearly, I am writing this for people asking the same questions we did before this post in hopes of sparking even just one person to do the research. I will continue to research this subject because we want to provide the best not just minimal. Judging on the future and what I find, this blog post may change. Don’t just listen to me. As I have said many times to our customers…. “Do your research!”. Check the facts as it were and make your own conclusions. Trust is earned, it is not guaranteed. Mind Blown!

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