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Dogs and CBD for Arthritis

This is a big topic when discussing CBD for Dogs with Arthritis. Every Pup family comes to that point where your dog gets a little older and see some signs of arthritis. This may be the same symptoms you see in people, slow to get up, walking differently than normal and just slowing down with normal activities they did just fine before. Maybe the furry friends just has trouble going up the stairs or walking on that hike you have done so many times before. So what do we do about that?

Traditional Prescriptions

Vets would recommend possibly using NSAID’s and things like Acetaminophen to reduce joint inflammation and these could be helful yes. What about natural way’s to help though without the side effects those drugs may have? No I’m not going to go all hippy on you and have you stewing flowers or something for a tea smelling so nasty, no one would drink. Seriously though, lets talk about CBD.

Just a few side effects of traditional Arthritic medications are

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Depession

CBD Instead

CBD has many benefits that INCLUDE the help of reduction in inflammation among other things. In this early time where CBD is still being tested and looked at I get how people are weary about using it but why? Because it’s harmful? Comparative to the other options it is the least of your worries. Check out my blog article on Tramadol, another pain reliever they may try to prescribe to your pet. You may however see other posts that otherwise claim toxicity of using CBD but these are only claims about the amount of THC inside the CBD oil you are buying. So many times have I told people “Know What you are buying”! Ask questions. CBD is good for dogs, THC is NOT. In small doses THC yes is ok but just for your sake, ask questions.

We started this whole thing because we are honest people and want to provide healthy solutions for people and pups in need and not just slap labels and crap on packages and make some money selling snake oil. This is not the 1800’s people! CBD for Dogs with Arthritis in not too crazy sounding when you compare it with the scariness from effects of other alternatives.

Study for Arthritis in Dogs using CBD

This link will show the same thing I have been saying over the past few paragraphs that I am not some nerdy hippy guy sputtering out sentence fragments. Scientists have studied these helpful effects on dogs and the results are good! I feel much better about those then wondering and watching my pet after other medication for side effects and if they are going to randomly have an accident in my living room because it upsets their stomach. All I have left to say I ask questions, study what you give them and maybe buy some pet treats with CBD in them.

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