Healing Powers: Benefits of CBD for Cats

With cannabis finally becoming one of the most widely accepted medicinal plants in the past decade, the market has exploded with new and unique CBD products, especially for cats. It’s true; you can now give your little feline CBD. Why would I do this, you might ask? Well, that’s because CBD can help your cat manage many symptoms that accompany certain conditions. So, let’s take a look at some of the possible benefits of CBD for Cats.

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Now, you may have heard that CBD is able to reduce stress and anxiety in people. Well, it can also do the same thing for your cats. Cats can also experience stress as we do but under different circumstances. Sure, they aren’t stressed about the tax forms they have to fill before the deadline, but they do feel stress when they’re in a new environment or when they have a rough relationship with other cats or humans.

And since owners can’t tell when their cat is feeling all grumpy, this can create a displacement between the owner and the feline. CBD helps reduce stress by lowering the level of cortisol in the body and by helping a person better regulate it. CBD can also help regulate mood and moderate neurological activity.

Can Help With Arthritis and Joint Pain

Another major benefit that comes with giving your cat CBD is that it eliminates joint pain and arthritis. 61% of cats six years or older, according to a 2011 study, suffer from arthritis or joint pain in at least one of their legs. Joint pain or arthritis can be very painful for your cat and lead to a whole host of problems, such as lack of energy, constant pain, and decreased mobility, just to name a few.

CBD comes with immense anti-inflammatory properties that make it very effective against joint pain and arthritis. Now, that is not to say that it will end joint pain instantly, but it will certainly help reduce the pain. Moreover, CBD can help stop the spread of inflammation, which can make symptoms like discomfort more manageable.

Can Help With a Bad Attitude

While many may think a cat being grumpy is very funny, thanks to the incredible popularity of the Grumpy Cat, a moody cat can be a serious issue. Often times, the reason for a bad attitude can be unbalanced hormones or low levels of energy. Your cat can also be grumpy due to the stress they feel from a new environment or a new friend.

As we discussed earlier, CBD deals with stress in your cat brilliantly, since it is able to control the level of cortisol in the body and the body’s regulation of this particular hormone.

Final Thoughts: Benefits of CBD for Cats

CBD can prove to be very beneficial for your furry little feline, thanks to its many regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. 

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