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Try these Sweet Potato CBD Treats.

At Stones Organics, we pride ourselves on creating the best quality treats containing the most CBD per treats available. Comparing all sorts of ideas for healthy treats was the next goal.  As a result, Sweet Potato CBD Treats made it to the top of the list right away. Many people we speak with have not even tried giving sweet potato to their pets but sweet potatoes have a  great sources of health benefits just as it is for us. Your pup is most likely that pup!

For our Customers

Initially, when we started looking for treats for our pets, we had searched through the many websites with “doggy calming treats” which was such a hassle without knowing what to get. Who knows what’s in them? Do they have any real CBD in them at all? Due to those facts, we decided to take matters into our own hands and this is how we became Stones Organics. Decidedly this is why Stones Organics is completely transparent.  Therefore, we provide exactly what we put in our treats and PROVE we have Pure CBD in every treat and back that with 3rd party testing.

These come in ECO-Friendly Rice Paper Bags. We wanted to help the world as well as your pets.

~8MG Pure CBD in Every Treat

What are the Ingredients in Stones Organics Sweet Potato CBD Treats?

Organic Oats, Sweet Potato, Coconut Oil and Pure CBD Oil

How many treats come in a bag?

These bags have 20 large treats in each bag.

What are the recommended dosage for these Sweet Potato CBD treats?

Below is a chart that will help you see what recommended dosage would be for your pet. This is a rough guideline so you can use dosages under or over these as well without worry.

Dosage Chart for dogs

Will I see effects right away from the CBD Treats?

There is no yes/no answer to this. All dogs are different just like humans. As a result, CBD will affect one dog differently than it would another. Typical signs can usually occur anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Other times it takes a build up of doses (giving your pet a few days worth to have it built up in their system).

Are the treats all the same size?

Yes. All the treats are made the same size. For smaller dogs these can be broken in pieces for half or quarter dosages.

Are your Sweet Potato CBD Treats 3rd Party Tested?

They absolutely are! Take a Look 


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