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We don’t want you to take just our word on how these CBD Dog treats are helpful for your pets. Look at it from our customers perspective. If you have had some of our treats, we implore you to write a review and spread the word. Ease other people’s worries or concerns and tell them your stories and experiences. Every review we get tell us how we are doing and gives us insight on how to improve our products for our customers.

If you have our CBD Treats, please feel free to leave a comment below to help spread the word. We take both bad and good suggestions to make sure we are listening to all customers and ensure we make the highest quality products. As well as that, it also lets other people know how are products really are in comparison to others.

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Researching online about CBD, its affects on humans and pets, is tiresome. Also, pouring through so many dog treat websites and “calming treats” reviews on Amazon just to be at the same place you where an hour ago still confused about what works and what doesn’t is not so awesome. I know because I have done that same thing. 

We spent many of times perusing through all the different sites, trying to make sense of it all just like you are probably doing now. Stop now because you came to the unicorn of all sites. We have CBD and Pet information, a CBD Dog Blog and our review section below. Without a doubt, look no further as we have been on the same path you are now and created this company to help you. Absolutely take a look at some of our customer reviews and our other informational pages and make your own decision.

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Stones organics
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 5 reviews
by Jackie on Stones organics

These treats are fantastic. One of my dogs is extremely wild we rescued him. These calm him down. My other dog has separatetion anxiety and these really help her she also doesn't want to go anywhere and it relaxes her. Just made my second order I'm so happy I found these. They ship quickly

by Rob B on Stones organics
Treats for my doodle

My doodle Wayne gets anxious with other dogs around, so this weekend when I had some friends coming over with their dogs I gave him some of stone's treats and he was the most well behaved I've seen him. The next morning we went for a long run and I know those muscles were sore, so I offered another treat and he has been happy and relaxed for the last couple hours. Would definitely recommend Stone's Organics!

by Sarah on Stones organics

I used this for my dog that has super high separation anxiety. He was scratching his backside completely raw to the point of hair loss and bleeding. After using the Cbd treats he no longer rubs himself raw and is much more relaxed when we have to leave. We have tried all kinds of products but these are the only thing that has worked. I would highly recommend.

by Nancy on Stones organics

I used this for my springer Ricky. He always is super out of control when we get ready to leave the house. These treats calmed his nerves right down! Thank you!

by Barnaby on Stones organics

These treats are amazing and helped my dog with his anxiousness.