The CBD Dog Blog – Part 1

Hello all! My name is Eric and welcome to our CBD Dog Blog. I wanted to start an informational blog about Pets/Dogs and CBD. This is a relatively new conception as we investigate and research into “what the hell does CBD ACTUALLY do?”.I am on the same journey and I thought, why not post about it so maybe it will help others that are confused. Here we go!

Stone on the Beach
Stone on the Beach

So this all starts back before our business (Enter in the fuzzy wavy lines of time travel). We have two dogs now, Barnaby and Stone. Barnaby is 7 and Stone was 1 at the time. He is an awesome dog but good lord was he crazy! He apparently thought the living room floor was lava since he would come running in the house and parkour off the couches in an effort to never let his feet touch the ground. Of course, that was not my favorite thing to watch along with the anxious and very loud barks to get his human counterparts attention to say “HEYO…I’m here!”.

What did we try?

We tried being consistent with training and routine in hope to get some anxiousness out of him but that did not seem to work. He was just so full of energy that it gave him large amounts of anxiety. He makes these tiny barks that sound like hes talking to you and also you can tell by the yawn they give while at the same time screeching out a whine. Cute for the first few times, then not as much after. These are some of the things that started us down the path to CBD and looking at what it can help with dogs and maybe just helping them calm down a bit.

So we went to the Google Machine and started to type in CBD Dog Treats, CBD Oil, CBD for Dogs, CBD for Anxiety and the random sputtering words like “CBD Calm Dog Crazy”,etc. Holy crap there is a lot out there! What does all this mean and what is this business?! Reading a bit into it we decided to go for something cheap and test it out just to see. Whats the worst that could happen right? Maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t.

Now, if you read this and you have been on that same journey, then you may get a kick out of where this is going. In the next coming posts I will share how we got to not knowing a thing about CBD to where we are now. Maybe this could help shed light on people going through the same journey as us or maybe you get a kick out of me venting. Either way, see you in the next post.

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