The CBD Dog Blog – Part 2

Welcome to the The CBD Dog Blog – Part 2!

OK where we left off now, trying to figure out what this CBD crap is. What does it mean and how does it help out Stone. Don’t get me wrong, Stone is awesome and cute, but don’t let all that fool ya. If you have had any experience with dogs you know that look they give you with the eyebrows. The look that says, “But dad! It wasn’t me that got on the counter and pulled off meat from the cutting board that was cooling before it got tossed in the fridge for leftovers”. “What did this dog look like dad, I’ll help you catch him”.

Stone On the Couch

Is this the face of a crazy puppy? Uh…Yea!

Loads of crap! A mere distraction from his human counterpart does NOT entitle him leaping to the counter while his brother keeps watch in hope to also share said delicious meat once it hits the floor. Scarfing it down as if they are dying or we neglect them!

Ok, I have derailed here. Anyhow, these boys have there good parts and bad just like any other. Now Stone’s issue was the fact he is still a puppy and get’s those wild puppy craze runs. Looks something like someone lit there fur pants on fire and he is trying to put it out by running around as fast as possibly with full disregard that it WAS new grass that was put down in the backyard. Said grass now becoming confetti spraying behind him as he has the time of his life!

On top of this, he also has a very loud ear piercing bark. He uses this bark when he is trying to protect the house from those infiltrating squirrels out front but ALSO when he is anxious. For one reason or another, he can randomly get anxious for us not constantly petting him as the world should or he just wants to play even though his humans worked all day and maybe don’t like a puppy screeching in there ear just as they swing the door open to there “Nice an quiet home away from work”. These two things are just the iceberg of the glorious fun of puppy personalities we encountered. Let’s talk about car rides…

Oh but it gets better.

Ever seen a dog freak out unless the windows are down so he’s able to fly all that dog hair into you personal human drivers mouth? While at the same time, bounce from the left rear drivers side to the right and back again a hundred times. I have! Yes yes sounds so fun I know. So more annoyances in future stories to come but these are the initial reasons we went down the road in search for CBD products. We didn’t want to drug our puppy and also understood this is just hi little kid time but wanted to help his anxiety for certain environments and certain situations so other training or events would go smoother. Now, on to the research and Google machines!

In the next part, you will see what happens when we thought “oh this will be easy” and we will find a “POT” doggy treat that will work. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get more information on new posts.Have a good day all.

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