The CBD Dog Blog – Part 3

Ok boys, girls and the like, here is the CBD Dog Blog Part 3! So to continue, we started onto the google machines to search for CBD and how we can give it to our pup. We have probably all been on the same websites wondering what the hell all this is and why is this CBD information different on this site than the other. So we thought, ok, lets just try some CBD Oil and see how this helps with his anxiety. We get our first bottle and try out the dosage that they suggest on the bottle. You ever try squirting a dropper into a dogs mouth? They love it no? Wrong! They look at you with those eyes that says “what are you trying to do to me cause you know I’m probably going to spit this out dad”.

Testing out CBD


We found the first few times easy but not exactly accurate since judging the drop count of what is going into their mouth and what might not be. At first it was like painting a wall and then spending the next 3 hours staring at it trying to guess when its dry. In our little experiments we did try a few different bottles to see if other companies had better effects or not and we did find some good ones.

This, mind you, is all before learning about THC and CBD minimums and milligrams per dosage and what was what. At first when researching these things its like looking at those wordy math problems when you clearly are not a math wiz but much better at history or something. Yuck! Anyway, we started comparing the CBD mg’s per unit and why the bottles and dosage instructions where different and found out people are clearly guessing!

I don’t blame them because not being fully approved by the FDA and still being researched by scientist in weird creepy labs usually in cold climates underground (ok I watch too many bond films) they do not fully know. Most products you would see have a super low amount of CBD just to provide some amount of CBD in their treats. Any amount helps right? We would see changes in our pups super craziness and downgraded it to a dull roar. As we researched we started to test new bottles and playing with dosages for a desired effect to help his anxiety and NOT having our lovely dog parkour off the leather furniture like a madman squeaky the ball as if the world would end if he didn’t get 100 squeaks a minute out of it.

Making our own CBD Dog Treats

After all this we thought, why don’t we try making treats and put the CBD in them and that way we will know exactly what they get each time. Should be easy right?! NO! When making treats, you have to have the right temperatures for the ingredients you use and then you need to be conscious about the heat affecting the CBD and possibly loosing potency when the CBD is heated also. Then finding a way to get an exact dosage in each treat at the same time. This now started the arduous process of designing a treat recipe for the pups since we but treats anyway, why not make them. Yep, we are THOSE people.

Testing and Testing…

Going through recipe after recipe and making a ton of different treats, the dog where pleased with us yes we tried to make these “easy” but also able to last awhile. You ever seen food grow hair? I have and we did not want these to spoil obviously. Now if you have ever cooked or baked you know you need a food binder of some sort to make treats and THAT is where it gets interesting when you want food to last awhile but a lot of food binders have a shelf life!

So in the next post we will finish up with our story on how we got here and what makes us awesome. Yep, bragging in my own blog. Make sure to follow us and sign up on our site to get notifications on future post. Hope everyone has a good week and see ya!

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